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Author: elengdf [ 19. Mar 2020, 01:37 ]
Post subject: Robot Bearing manufacturers

Industrial Robot Joint Bearing
CJB is one of the Top Bearing Manufactures in China for high quality industrial robot Bearings.
Industrial Robot Joint Bearing is applied in various fields such as joint parts or rotation part of Industrial robots, revolving table of machining center, rotation part of manipulator, medical apparatus and instruments, measuring instrument.
Features:1. Competitive Price, Low Vibration, High Rolling Accuracy
2. CJB Industrial Robot Bearing adopts specialized high performance Bearing Steel (Also be named as Chrome Steel, GCr15).
3. Industrial Robot Bearing adopts special control ways for bearing quality during Heat Treatment to reduce the sensibility of foreign matter to extend service life.
4. Specialized Seal Technology
5. Improved the snap ring groove and The structure of Bearing outer ring to largely increase the bearing strength.
6. 20 Patents Technology for CJB Bearings.
Thin-walled bearings of equal-section thin-walled bearings, etc. It is a family of thin-walled bearings consisting of seven open series and five sealed series. There are three types of open series: radial contact type, angular contact type and point contact type. Advantages of thin-walled equal-section bearings: Thin-walled bearings achieve extremely thin bearing sections, and also achieve miniaturization and weight reduction of products. The diversity of products extends the range of applications.
Thin-wall equal-section bearing product characteristics: In order to obtain low friction torque, high rigidity and good rotation accuracy of the bearing, a steel ball with a small outer diameter is used. The use of a hollow shaft ensures space for wiring and wiring. The thin-walled 6700 and 6800 series are available in various dust cover forms, flanged versions, stainless steel forms, and wide format.
Main applications of thin-walled isometric bearings: stepper motors, medical instruments, office equipment, testing instruments, deceleration, shifting devices, robots, optical, imaging equipment, rotary encoders.
Thin-walled isometric bearings, also known as thin-walled ferrule bearings, are highly accurate, very quiet and have a high load carrying capacity. Thin-walled ferrule bearings can be deep groove ball bearings, four-point contact bearings, angular contact ball bearings, thin-walled and other cross-section bearings are mostly square. In these series, even with larger shaft diameters and bearing bores, the cross section remains the same. These bearings are therefore referred to as equal sections. It is this feature that distinguishes thin-walled ferrule bearings in the standard ISO series from conventional bearings. Therefore, a larger cross section can be selected and a more load bearing bearing can be used without having to change the shaft diameter. Thin-walled ferrule bearings can be designed to be extremely light and require very little space.
Production EnvironmentRobot Bearing manufacturers

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